Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Villa E | Studio KO

When I bumped into this photo a few minutes ago I couldn't do anything else but take a deep breath and picture myself taking a shower in this unique bathroom... then I made a quick virtual home tour and... oh my!!! I wish I could spend my holidays here!! Take a look by yourself...

Well?! Isn't it just amazing? The villa is a project by Studio KO  and is situated on the top of a hill in the Moroccan mountain region. The building matches perfectly with the surrounding landscape, almost disguising itself, while the interior is a mix of different textures and materials, a combination of french minimalism and typical moroccan decor. The traditional plasters coexist with the linear basculant windows, the ancient carpets and local handcraft combine with modern furniture and contemporary linen curtains... All is about a happy encounter and, as often happens in such situations, the result could be summarized in one word: perfection! For more pics click here.

Photos by Dan Glasser

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