Thursday, 29 January 2015

A green mate | Urban Jungle Bloggers

This month's topic for the Urban Jungle Bloggers' community was coffee and plants, so I joined the group with a mate. This argentine traditional hot drink really helps a lot when you need extra energy to keep on doing things, plus I find the shape of the mate itself gets along really well with the succulents, must be 'cause they are all south americans?!? Just kidding!! These pics also make me realize how fast my little succulents are growing. This is my nursery, almost all of them come from bigger plants I have on my balcony. I love to reproduce them, it's such a rewarding activity to take care of plants, just a little dedication and they grow by them selves!

Il tema di questo mese per gli Urban  Jungle Bloggers è "piante e caffè" ed io ho deciso di contribuire con un mate. Questa bevanda tradizionale argentina è considerata un sostituto del caffè, per cui non sono uscita dalla carreggiata! Sullo sfondo appaiono nuovamente le piante grasse, il mio piccolo vivaio che curo con poche semplici attenzioni. La maggior parte di queste piantine le ho ricavate da quelle che ho sul balcone, erano microscopiche fino a pochi mesi fa, è incredibile quanto siano cresciute in così poco tempo!


  1. Wow, there must be something in the air, Ale! Your nursery looks amazing! I never heard of mate before, but from what I understand it's very Argentinian. Thank you for the introduction! And for joining us again. Do you drink mate every day, in stead of coffee?

    1. Thank you Judith! As for the mate I think they drink it in Paraguay and south of Brazil too, but a cold version. Argentinian's mate is hot! I don't drink it every day, just sometimes, but of course I don't mix it with coffee or I'd have tachicardia in the very moment!!!! ;)

  2. A wonderful selection of plants and perfectly matched with a mate! Thanks for joining us!

  3. Oh thank you, I'm glad you liked it!!