Monday, 6 October 2014

Spring rain

We spent the weekend at the farm and it has been raining since we got here, I actually quite enjoyed the weather since I had the perfect excuse to stay on the couch near the fireplace, relaxing for once! My little fellow, on the other hand, has been nervous the whole time since he couldn't go outside playing. Today that we are going back to the city it's sunny... Anyway I think this spring rain is doing wonders for the garden, everything looks amazingly green and lush!

Llovió todo el finde acá en el campo, excusa perfecta para quedarse al lado de la chimenea y no hacer absolutamente nada. El pequeño de casa por otro lado, al no poder salir, estuvo histerico dos dias seguidos. Como ironia hoy que nos volvemos salió el sol! De cualquier  manera  estas lluvias de primavera estan haciendo maravillas en el parque, los arboles son verdes y hay miles de flores.

Here is a picture of our home, we still have a lot to do, the next step is to lay the wooden floor in the bedrooms and the livingroom and the cement tiles in the rest of the rooms. Maybe our little home will be ready for Christmas? Let's be optimistic, it would be a great present to find under the tree, or around  it better said!!

Y esta es una foto de nuestra casita, ojalá  terminemos pronto de colocar los pisos, ya estamos a un paso de mudarmos, espero que mi optimismo no me abandone nunca!!!

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