Thursday, 26 June 2014

My - unfinished - livingroom

This afternoon I used my little one's nap hours to take some photos of my apartment. On sunday I'll travel to Italy and I'll stay there for two months, I guess I needed to immortalize it before the trip, in order to be able to look at it while I'm away... in case you didn't notice I'm a nostalgic one! Here are some pictures of my livingroom, it looks unfinished but I don't mind, I like to take my time to choose every single item that enters my home, furthermore I prefer to reduce the furniture to the essential.  

As you can see we didn't buy a coffee table yet.. even though I have some ideas that I shared in this older post...

And here are the PK 22 chairs, it was such an adventure to get them, I'll spare you the story, now they are finally in my possession!


Esta tarde aproveché la larga siesta de mi bebote para sacar unas foto de mi departamento. Este domingo me voy a Italia por dos meses, creo que este shooting vino de la necesidad de llevarme unas imagenes en el caso de que tenga de repente ataques de nostalgia de mi nido! En estas fotos se ve mi living que está todavia sin terminar, sinceramente la cosa no me molesta para nada. No tengo apuro en elegir los objetos que entran en mi casa, además prefiero reducir a lo basico los muebles. En la última foto se ven los sillones PK22, me costó tanto conseguirlos pero por fin aquí están!

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