Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Greenery project | A mango tree from the nut

Mango is probably our favourite fruit, it's so tasty that it often prevents us from eating desserts after dinner. A couple of weeks ago I decided to reproduce it using the nut and it was easier than I thought. I wrapped it in a wet tissue and put it in a tupper in a closed cabinet, checking on it from time to time. After two weeks it had roots and leaves, so I placed it into Alvar Aalto's vase with some water, it turned out to be a great nursery for our little plants! Finally when it seemed to be strong enough I transplanted it into a pot with humus. It's  growing quite fast, now it's  a little tree but only a few weeks ago it was just a nut, the power of nature is always very surprising!

En cuanto a fruta nuestra gran pasion es el mango. Hace algunas semanas empezé a reproducir una plantita a partir de la semilla. La envolví en una servilleta de papel mojada y la puse en un tupper en un lugar oscuro, a las dos semanas ya tenia raices y hojas así que la coloqué en el florero de Alvar Aalto y despues en una maceta con humus. En estas imagenes podes ver la evolucion, ya es bastante grande, y pensar que hace solo unas semanas no era nada mas que un carozo!


  1. Lovely! I read your shelf post on Elv's and like it a lot.

  2. Thank you so much!! I'm really glad you liked it and I'm happy that you visited my blog! Best wishes!