Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Tiramisù | My family's recipe

Yesterday we invited some friends over to dinner and I made a tiramisù  for dessert. The other day I was so lucky that I found a box of imported genuine mascarpone at the supermarket (I'm sure my argentinean readers will know what I am talking about!), so I couldn't resist and I bought it. I always make it following my father's recipe, I don't  think I've mentioned it before but he is a chef and he runs a restaurant in the north of Italy, more precisely in a lovely alpine valley. His recipe is slightly different from the traditional one since he adds double cream, that makes it softer and creamy,  believe me, that's  the real deal!
Here are the ingredients if you want to try it (for 10 dessert cups)
3 eggs
125 gr. sugar
250 gr. mascarpone
500 gr. double cream
200 gr. lady fingers
300 ml. coffee
cocoa powder
First of all prepare a long coffee (you can add water if you don't want the buscuits to get too bitter), dunk two lady fingers for each dessert cup. Mix the egg yolk with the sugar, when it turns into a mousse add the mascarpone; in an other bowl beat until stiff the albumens, and in a third bowl whip the double cream, then add gently the albumens and the cream to the mix of yolks and mascarpone. Now the tiramisù  is ready, you can cover the lady fingers and sprinkle cocoa powder over it. Enjoy!

El otro dia conseguí un pote de mascarpone italiano importado y hize el tiramisù según la receta de mi padre. Nos lo comimos todo menos una copa, con lo cual hoy pude sacar estas fotos!!
Receta para 10 copas:
3 huevos
125 gr. azucar
250 gr. mascarpone
500 ml crema doble
200 gr. vainillas
cacao amargo en polvo
Preparar el café y mojar las vainillas, luego ponerlas en las copas (2 por copa). Mezclar el azucar junto con las yemas, luego agregar el mascarpone. A parte montar a nieve los albumenes y en otro bowl montar la crema. Luego agregar suavemente los blancos y la crema al compuesto de yemas azucar y mascarpone y ya está, ahora solo falta llenar las copas con el tiramisù  y cubrir con una capa de cacao! 

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